Frequently Asked Questions 2017-05-22T16:30:59+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Game key? 2015-08-24T14:08:25+01:00

The Game key is the serial number or product code which is a combination of letters and numbers that activates a product, normally found on a sticker inside the game’s case or printed on the game’s quick reference card. The purchased Game Key is used to register and activate the relevant game. Depending on the product, we provide this in the form of a scan of the code or the actual code in text format.

How quickly will I receive the CD key? 2015-08-24T14:08:30+01:00

Currently all of our Game Keys are sent via email manually as soon as you purchase a product from us.  This will change in the near future as we are looking to add a system that will distribute Game Keys for us automatically.

I did not receive my CD key instantly? 2015-08-24T14:08:45+01:00

To protect against fraud we occasionally hold orders, if this happens you will receive the following message: “As part of our standard security measures, orders are routinely selected for review to ensure the safety of our site. Your order will be reviewed by one of our agents.” Your order will manually be checked by one of our agents and should be cleared within approximately 1 hour, if we require any further information we will contact you via email.

Does your system auto-generate CD keys? 2015-08-24T14:12:17+01:00

Our store does not Auto-Generate CD keys, when you buy a product from us we simply assign your order to one of our Game Keys and then email you the Key/Code.